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Italian Parmesan producers linked to cow abuse
There is a campaign out now called "not on my pasta". It is a response to Compassion in World Farming videos showing how the cows are treated, the ones that produce the milk that makes the cheese. It is not a pretty sight. Cow abuse is nothing new, but there is a bit of a myth that these cows live good lives eating fresh grass and breathing fresh air. They live in filth and squalor and are thin and unhealthy looking. They are milk producing machines who live exhausting lives producing milk. If their production drops off we know they are disposed of.

Deep down inside we know that most dairy cattle in the world are not treated well. The whole process of getting the cow pregnant and then taking her calf so we can take the milk is nasty. How did we reach this point. I am sure there was a time when a family could have a cow and care for it and there was enough milk for all. The cow gave milk and people gave protection and shelter.  Animals and nature were part of a working ecosystem. We were part of that system. Now we control and manipulate and exploit. We abuse what we can so we can make more money from it. We overuse the land and the water in a way that can't be sustained. 
For individual 'industries" like cheese production somewhere behind that block of cheese are large numbers of cattle who lead lives of suffering.  
I don't know how we fix this, but demanding that industries that use animals have standards for animal welfare is a start.
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