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Oil drilling -save the Arctic Wilderness
I just found this petition against the oil drilling plan in northern Alaska:
Signed. Only the USA could dream up such a weird idea as including drilling permission for oil in tax legislation! I'm not sure that this would be permissible or legal in most other countries.
The whole idea of drilling for oil in the arctic is crazy anyhow. It is not just that we need to protect a fragile environment. How do they plan to get the oil out of there. There is no safe way to do it. The money spent on drilling would be better spent on alternate no harmful forms of energy. 

It is weird to put drilling permission in a tax bill. Who thinks these things up.
I suspect they could get away with it in Canada in an omnibus bill. They include all kinds of things,  many of which are good, so mess miss the negative things that are slipped in somewhere. It is a sneaky form of government action.
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