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Rescue horse sees snow for the first time
Bella the rescue horse is from Florida. After a year in a shelter she now lives in Michigan. This is her first winter and the first time she has ever seen snow.

Bella certainly seems to love snow. I wonder if she will love it as much three months from now when the stuff refuses to go away. 
Actually the first snow of the winter is always a bit magical. I know how she feels. Somehow by the last snow of April it isn't as much fun.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's cold isn't it Bella? But isn't it interesting? It sounds nice, it feels nice, you can eat it, you can kick it up all around the place.
Not much fun when it gets packed and freezes over again and again. I hope you don't skid in it! I hope you don't want to eat grass! You will have to eat hay instead.

I love snow. I never got fed up of it even when it went on for weeks in Snowdonia. It was a way of life, to just adapt. When it thawed, the grass always looked terrible.
There is something wonderful about snow. I know how she feels out there rolling in the snow.

We get tired of it when it gets all slushy and icy. Until then I would happily join Bella in a snow bank.
I wonder what she thinks it is?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It seems to be a short clip repeated over and over again, but it is very touching, nevertheless. Experiencing snow for the first time is always magical.

Here in this part of France, we don't get snow most years (and even then, only for a few days). So it is more of a novelty for us.
You must always get that first snowfall feeling every time it happens. I love the first snowfall. It makes everything look magical.
However it is only the first day of winter and already this year's novelty has worn off. Worse it is going to snow all night so it will be more than a light frosting of snow. I will be wearing my deep snow boots tomorrow.

Many of the hurricane Harvey dogs that are in Toronto will be experiencing snow for the first time. I wonder what they think of it.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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