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Cow left out in a blizzard
A cow in Newfoundland was left tied to a tree outside in a blizzard. Someone who saw the cow tried to get help for it. 
What followed was a lot of bureaucratic nonsense. Everyone said it was someone else's problem or someone else's jurisdiction.
The cow doesn't care whose problem it is. The cow is cold and miserable. 
I really have to commend the people who did work to help the cow.

The farmer has a history of animal neglect so it is time he was investigated.
As for all the others who said it is not their problem, they are not good responsible citizens. The Mayor should have driven out there and put a blanket over the cow if he couldn't do anything else. The police could have moved the cow or at very least they could have taken it some food to help it out.

The cow had a halter on. How hard would it have been to move the cow to a warmer place. 
They could have knocked on the door of the farm. If they didn't get a response then they could have moved the cow. 
I understand the farmer moved the cow behind the house so it couldn't be seem. It was still cold and exposed to the storm.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

That poor cow! How could people mess about with beaurocracy like that, when that cow needed help right that minute?!

Whoever owns this cow is very negligent and cruel. How would he like to be tied up to something outside, with not enough clothes on in freezing weather?
I think you or I would have climbed the fence and untied the cow and led it to safety.  Clearly calls to people in authority are a waste of time when there is an emergency.

The farmer needs to be investigated since he has a history of animal neglect.

That was a very nasty blizzard. The police should have rescued the cow. What good are they if they don't help out in an emergency. The other groups that were contacted totally failed to do the right thing. 

It is sad when the only response is from people on Facebook.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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