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Raccoon visits Shoppers Drug Mart
This has to be a Toronto story. It has a raccoon in it. This time the raccoon visited a Shoppers Drug Mart. Raccoons are every where. The turn up on subway trains and construction cranes. This one is looking at the automatic checkout. I hope he had his Optimum card and some from of plastic to pay.

We have such a funny ongoing love /hate war with our raccoons. Many call them Trash Pandas. They do get into our trash(and every other place) and pandas are cute and we all love them.

I wonder if there is anywhere that the raccoons have not visited in Toronto.

I went to visit my bank and found it was closed because of a raccoon invasion.

It took months to get them out. I understand they now live in High Park, a much nicer neighbourhood. So they have moved up in the world.
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