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Caribou vs. wolves
Caribou live on Michipicoten Island in Lake Superior. They were brought there in 1982. The eight original caribou grew to be 680.
Then in 2012 the lake froze enough for four wolves to cross over to the island. Their numbers have grown and the caribou have dwindled. It is possible the caribou will be wiped out by the wolves.

Wolves and caribou on the island are both transplants. The island was never meant to sustain them. It certainly can't sustain them both. I know suggestions have been made about how to save the caribou. What about saving the wolves.
There must be a way to balance between the two species. Perhaps the wolves need to be relocated. After all they only ended up on the island because of an ice bridge. 
What ever they do I hope the solution doesn't involve killing. It should be possible to sort this out and let the animals live.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This is it, you see....when humans interfere in the balance of things -introducing species to an area, they don't always visualise the consequences. And that lack of foresight almost always leads to something negative -like "having to" kill Wolves....or whatever. This is obviously an unsustainable balance. The Caribou numbers are declining, and that isn't good, plus it does also mean that eventually the Wolves may face starvation!
I do hope someone comes up with a peaceful solution. Basically, it means humans have to come up with a genius idea to clear up the mess they made!!
The caribou should not be on the island in the first place. The wolves wouldn't have crossed the ice bridge and stayed if there had been no caribou.

You are right. Once again our interference has created a problem.
Let us hope that once again the "solution" is not killing an innocent animal.

The wolves could be relocated. They crossed the bridge onto the island. They can "cross" back off the island anytime.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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