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Human Wars= Animal deaths
They are currently studying the effects of war on animal populations. In particular they are studying the statistics for Africa.
As you might expect, when humans engage in war animal lives are lost.

It is complicated as to why the animals die or are killed. However it is clear that when we start killing each other we are also causing animal deaths.
War is a bad idea. It doesn't seem to solve anything. Now we know it depletes animal populations. It may take years more study to put the statistics together, but we have enough information to know that what we do effects the ecosystems we live in and the animals who share those ecosystems. We need to find solutions to our conflicts that don't take innocent lives. So far animal populations are recovering when a conflict ends. If we don't change, someday we may be the cause of elephant extinction or some other wonderful animal. 

War isn't just bad it is destructive in ways we have no right to be.
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Of course war is bound to bring some form of devastation to the environment. I don't think any studies were done on animal life after the Gulf wars, or as a result of what goes on in Afghanistan. But can you imagine the devastation to all forms of life from field warfare in the 1st world war? The whole landscape was transformed into a mud bath in large areas of Europe. And at Hiroshoma and Nagasaki? As far as I know, there were no animal studies. It is bad enough for the people involved, especially civilians who are totally innocent.
All wars hurt animals and people.
It is good to hear a study is being done. Those who create wars don't care about the animals' fate.
Many animal died in Hiroshima and Nagasaki. They had no protection and the survivors would have received no medical care.
In WW 1 the poison gases would have caused horrible deaths in all the animals in the area. No one would have helped them.

Studying the plight of animals in war is long over due. We have been subjecting animals to our conflicts for centuries. This is the first time anyone has considered the impact of our conflicts on animal life. I hope they continue the research and write a more detailed account.
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