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Vancouver Aquarium: No more whales and dolphins!
This is a victory. Vancouver Aquarium is a credible facility in many ways. Its continued whale and dolphin displays gave credibility to the idea of captive cetaceans. Having them admit that this is no longer acceptable undermines the Cetacean displays of other facilities like Marineland in Niagara Falls Ontario.

It is good to know that the efforts of animal activists have paid off. Now they can focus their energies on other facilities.
In time no facility will display whales and dolphins or have performing animal shows. If no more facilities display dolphins then there will be no market for the dolphins captured in the slaughter in Japan. If they can't sell them then there will be no need to capture them. It may take time, but when a big facility like Vancouver Aquarium publically shuts down its whale and dolphin displays, other places notice. We will see an end to captive Orcas.  It can't come soon enough for those that that are still suffering in captivity.
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