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I have lost my beautiful Pete
It is just coming up on the 9th anniversary of when I got Pete(she is a girl of course). She was almost ten.
I have had her since she was very young and I raised her. She was so small I had to feed her often. The moment I saw her I was in love and I though she was the prettiest snake I have ever seen. Her pale grey was almost lavender coloured.
She was always a fragile snake and I have had to baby her. 
This past few months I suspected she was dying. This past few weeks I knew for sure. I kept hoping that careful hand feeding and lots of love would pull her through. Sadly no and this afternoon she died in my hands.  She had a quiet death and I don't think she was uncomfortable. She sat with me a long time last night and other nights. So if my typing seemed off, I had a snake in one hand  most of the week.

Pete is the pale coloured snake. Sam is the orange one.
[Image: 0def_ffc0.JPG?c=1e05]

Pete and Sam were raised together and he was with her most of the time towards the end.  He is going to miss her. She was his first love. Sadly few of her children survived, but I do have one beautiful daughter and two new grandchildren. Her daughter is so like her in temperament.
Pete is gone, but she will never be forgotten. I suppose she joins all her little ones that were too fragile to survive.

I can't believe she is gone. I so much didn't want to believe it was happening. I just wanted a little more time.
[Image: GuLYuUMuAkrUxlhkT8q7ykc_CRzmoMeq_sKBmyOY...=w155-h275]This is the last picture I took a few days ago and you can see how frail she is.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am sorry for your loss Catherine.
Pete is such a pretty little snake, a beautiful silvery-grey colour and she looks very elegant. But yes, you can see in the last picture, that she seems to be kind of hanging there with her head down, like she doesn't have the energy to lift it.

Blessings little Pete Heart  Go happily in Spirit.
I add my condolences, Catherine. But her time had clearly come. Crawl free, Pete, on endless grassy fields! (Or maybe fly....)
I'm sorry for your loss. Never matters how long you have a pet they are family especially the ones you have to baby. It's even harder.
You wouldn't expect an alien to know how to interact with our world.  You would teach them by creating a common language.  It's the same when you train a dog.  You create a common language that you can both understand.
[Image: ABCCertifiedTrainer.jpg]
Thank-you all. It is never easy to lose a pet. Tobi, you are right that she was weak in the picture. She was also very thin and her skin was dry. She had trouble holding down food and could only eat tiny meals, just like when she was a baby.
Pete was always a special snake. She was my first snake to lay eggs and always the first one to lay eggs each spring. She was never able to have more than 6 eggs. Caitrin had 23 even though she is older, but Caitrin is much bigger.

Sam, Mike and Aurora are going to miss her. For the first few days they were very restless as if they were looking for her. They have accepted that she is gone, but she was always there so they must still feel her loss. We all feel her loss.

Pete was like a beautiful fragile butterfly. So maybe fly free is the right way to see her passing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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