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Desert Island Dog survives FOUR MONTHS alone!
Sophie fell overboard just off the coast of Queensland in 2009. Her people were sure she had died. But unknown to them she swam 5 miles to a desert island, and lived off the land all alone for four months!
(They were all happily re-united.)
dogs are truly amazing. Being a cattle dog I'm sure help her once she was on the island because they are naturally what I like to call ankle-bitters always wanting to herd. Still for any dog to make that swim is a miracle.
She should get her own movie. How did she know which way to swim. I am sure the rest of us would want to swim to shore, but might well end up swimming in circles. Could she smell land under those conditions?
She is one amazing dog and I am glad she has adjusted to home life again.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

A lovely story - with a happy ending. Catherine, you ask some important questions. I don't know the answer, either, but I suspect that she may have smelt something and used it as a beacon. A dog's sense of smell is phenomenal.
This story would definitely make a brilliant movie. You're right Catherine. I like cattle dogs. I knew one quite well once.

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