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Raccoon alert in Toronto
A number of Raccoons have been out and about and acting strangely. Some have been aggressive towards humans. 
So far they have tested positive for distemper, but not rabies. However there is rabies as near as Hamilton.  We should be cautious for ourselves and our pets.

I would exercise extreme caution around any raccoon that is acting strangely. Definitely call animal services and let them know where the animal is. Also any pets that go outside should have their rabies vaccinations updated. Probably canine distemper shots wouldn't hurt as well. 

The distemper is really hitting raccoons hard. It is fatal to them and it does make them act strangely. They are testing raccoons for rabies as well. Until we hear that the tests are negative there is still a chance that they have rabies.
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That isn't good. It's wise to share this. Some people there might not be aware. If they have Distemper, then that is bad also and could spread to dogs especially. Depending on the strain they might or might not be protected by their Distemper shots.
Rabies of course is an even more serious issue as it passes to people also and every other animal. I hope they are found not to have Rabies.
The situation is bound to make people react badly to Raccoons. And from what I've heard they are not well-loved generally anyway. I hope it doesn't result in people killing them or injuring them badly.

Any wild animal that starts acting strangely is a suspect for Rabies. Let's hope it isn't.
So far there is no report of rabies in Toronto raccoons. It is still wise to be careful. There is rabies in the province and there are ways it could travel to Toronto. It is always good to be cautious around wildlife like our raccoons. They have little or no fear of humans and they are used to our ways. The raccoons are also very clever. They can get into garages and attics and people's kitchens. They know how to open cupboards and frigs and generally help themselves.

We have a love hate relationship with our raccoons. Some people love them and like having them around.  Other people hate them even if they are not bothering anything.  They are protected by law, but there have been some ugly incidents of raccoon abuse and murder. If a rabid raccoon gets into the city it is probably going to be a raccoon hater who gets bitten. The person will try to drive the raccoon away and it will attack them. The rest of us will respect the raccoon's boundaries and back away from a raccoon that is acting strangely. 

Since rabies is so dangerous I figured I should give people a warning to be careful.
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I strongly agree! When wildlife enters our personal space, they are considered as a threat by many. But they only come for food or shelter. Raccoons can cause serious diseases as discussed but there are many humane ways to shoo them away in their habitat. We can also make some arrangements for food and shelter for them far away from our homes. If the situation seems uncontrollable, instead of taking the matter into your hands, it is always recommended to take help from professionals!
Toronto has strict bylaws about how animals like raccoons are to be treated. If there is a problem with a raccoon it is best to call Toronto Animal Services. If the animal is unwell it will need to be looked after anyhow.
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