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Trees to offset climate change
Trees are being pledged to offset the climate change damage cause by Trumps withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.
It is a brilliant idea. It is something we can all do for our planet. Even if you don't officially pledge your tree or trees, you can still plant them. The benefit to the planet will still be the same.

This is "think globally, act locally" in action. Climate change is a global problem, but we can all do things to help offset its effects. 
Where ever you are you can plant trees. If you have no land to plant a tree, you can donate to groups that do plant trees.
You could volunteer with a tree planting group.  Planting trees creates habitats for animals as well. If you plant trees you provide shade and reduce the need to air conditioners thereby reducing power usage. 

There is a lot we can do to help the planet. The planet needs us to be doing these things. Maybe I can fit one more tree into yard. If not there are other places I can plant trees. There are always places to plant trees.
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