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Mass Mortality Events--is climate change linked to animal deaths
Mass Mortality Events (MME) are not a new phenomenon. They have occurred in the past and for various reasons. However the die offs seem to be increasing in frequency. Some of the causes can be linked to temperature and other changes in the climate.
As the climate changes, the frequency of mass die offs could increase, driving some species closer to extinction. It would be very difficult to prove a link between climate change and MME, but there is enough evidence to create a suspicion that there is a link.

This is yet another species survival emergency that we have caused with climate change. Endangered species are under pressure from so many things like pollution and habitat loss. Now species are at risk of death in large numbers from conditions their bodies can't withstand. Back when they called it global warming many people thought it was a good idea. The idea of warmer weather seemed good. It was not understood what would happen if the whole planet was a few degrees warmer. We still don't really grasp the full implications of a warmer planet. Melting ice and rising sea levels are obvious or at least they are now. Animals dying in massive numbers can be added to the list. We may not be able to prove the link, but better we should act against climate change just in case.
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A situation where there are mass die-offs is something we can't ignore.

I don't know about "global warming" any more. I honestly don't. There are people who say we are about to enter another "Maunder Minimum" (a mini ice-age.) We've had one before. That was when the Thames river in London regularly froze over, and fairs, called "frost fairs" were held on the frozen river. That is not so long ago, and there are apparently signs we are going in that direction again.

But whatever is happening, the global temperatures are very unstable, and that is affecting all creatures. Some species of course, are highly sensitive to the slightest change. They are greatly at risk.
We have to try to do something to help them.
I think the current understanding is that what we are really facing is catastrophic climate change. The overall weather patterns that make it comfortable to live on this planet are very fragile. Warming the average global temperature a few degrees is enough to destabilize things. It doesn't mean we will have warmer weather. It means we will have weather extremes. That means higher and lower temperatures and droughts and floods. Some parts of the world will be too dry to live and some parts will be flooded. 
The sea levels will rise as well. We have slightly warmer ocean temperatures so the hurricanes last year were more destructive. Tropical storms are more likely to become hurricanes over a warmer ocean. 

I think of it as rocking a boat to the point where you take in water. The boat might not sink, but it will sit lower in the water and siting in a wet boat can be very unpleasant.  England could experience some extreme winters. I am not sure about that. If anything interrupted the Gulf Stream there would be problems. We just don't know what will happen. It is not good to keep rocking the boat. If we tip the boat over we might not survive, but the boat will be alright. 

We should pay attention to the massive die offs. They are a warning sign that things are not alright. We might want to ask ourselves if there are conditions that could occur that would cause a massive human die off. We carry viruses and bacteria like other species. Is there something we are doing that could trigger them into action with fatal consequences for us. 

Life will go on, but it might not be the way we like it.
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