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Florida's cruel solution to Iguana problem
No one is denying that Florida has a serious Iguana problem. They are not native to Florida, but now that they are loose they have multiplied. 
Where did they come from? They are from Mexico and Central and South America. They live in the jungles and eat vegetation.

How did they end up in Florida? People brought them there. Some might be escaped or abandoned pets. Many would have escaped during the various hurricanes and serious weather events. However it happened the iguanas are not at fault.

Something does have to be done to reduce the numbers. I doubt they can ever be fully eradicated now. 
There is probably a humane way to do this.

Florida has chosen an inhumane way.

How can they possibly pass this off as research? It is a cull with a brutal kill method. Of course the iguanas try to escape, they are being killed. They are not stupid. They will be aware of what is happening just from observation. 
They have brutally killed 249 iguanas.   Smiley19

They are gentle herbivores who just want to live. They didn't ask to be there. They are being killed because of something humans have done.
Even the guy with the pellet gun who has killed 100 iguanas thinks what they are doing is cruel.

Iguanas are beautiful creatures
This is my friend Iris having a banana
[Image: 4XtgM5ug8_C7nK4_7KQHxI_dsrArt3vbysUWWRIq...=w155-h275]
She loves grapes
[Image: lIejFTGb-d5f4_7tuAD2GO2uguvQwM9vMH2Bf71X...=w489-h275]
And a good snuggle
[Image: _v1oFVvlXS40gginX4kYa8P-SKp85Svmm9sRX4k8...=w155-h275]
It breaks my heart that beautiful lizards like Iris are being hunted and killed.

[Image: DMNqfKTBGqG4mh2TmBXQEEb-W_BYQK7PsidLRWO1...=w164-h275]
We are responsible for their presence in Florida. We owe them better than they are getting.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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