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Lab animals given new homes
We know a lot of animals die in laboratories, but there is a trend now to rehome whenever possible. A lot of people who work in labs are adopting the dogs they worked with. This is very good news.

There are even laws being passed that make it compulsory to find homes for retired lab animals whenever possible.

I am happy to hear this. I am not happy that animals are still being used in labs, but at least these animals are being given a chance at a happy life.

I think it shows a change in the way we think about research animals. They are not disposable like the protective gloves that are worn. They are live animals that deserve to be treated with respect. They deserve even more respect after what we have put them through. I hope this trend continues. It is part of a movement away from using animals for our own purposes no matter what it costs the animal. People are less happy about circus animals and lab animals. It is making us uneasy that animals are being used. 

Choosing to take home their lab animals or find them homes is a sign that the research community is starting to feel the same way.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It is a positive step forward. It is good to hear new law is in operation. Someone is beginning to treat these poor animals as Beings rather than equipment to be disposed of when no longer useful.
Blessings to all those animal Souls trapped in that way of life through no fault of their own. May at least some of them have the chance to learn what life can really be like; to run in the fields, to sleep in a good bed, to know love and a happy home.
I think it is another sign that we are moving away from using lab animals. There is already a shift in thinking. Different groups are looking for alternatives to animal testing.
The next step is to provide for the lab animals we are already using. We already provide for the primates that we use. They are too closely related to humans for us to feel comfortable with euthanizing them.

Now we are recognizing the lives of the smaller lab animals. In some ways this is a leap of understanding. Many people can look at a chimp and see the need to respect its life. Some can respect the lives of dogs and cats. This respect would include rabbits, rats guinea pigs and hopefully mice. I would take a lab guinea pig and give it a home any day. Every animal deserves some love and care in its life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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