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The last male northern white rhino has died
Sudan was the last male of his sub species of white rhinos. He has lived in protective care most of his life. Finally at the age of 42 his health has failed. It is the loss of a beloved animal, but it is also a loss to his whole  species.

He leaves behind a daughter and a grand daughter so Sudan did his part to save his species.  Now the whole hope of the northern white rhinos rests on whether the females can conceive from sperm samples from deceased males that have been gathered when ever possible. 
We may yet lose the northern white rhino, but it won't be for lack of trying. Humans are responsible for the danger the species is in, but we are trying to make it right.

Sudan will be missed. He was a symbol of the efforts being made to save rhinos. Even in death he will still be a symbol of species on the brink. 
Rest in peace Sudan. You did your part.
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(03-21-2018, 03:24 PM)Catherine Wrote: Humans are responsible for the danger the species is in, but we are trying to make it right.
This has been in the news all over the place. It is always sad when a group of animals becomes nearly extinct.

Regarding your comment above about humans, you are right. But the only thing is....the humans trying to make it right are not the same ones who killed the rhinos in the first place. Better protection of these animals, starting decades ago, plus rigorous prosecution of offenders would have prevented this becoming a crisis.
It is never the ones who created the problem who are the ones to make it right. 

Protecting the species and averting this crisis would have required foresight. Humans seem to be sadly lacking in foresight.

We rush to evacuate people when a volcano erupts, but we built houses on the slopes of a volcano in the first place.

We strive to save species now that we brought to the edge in the first place. If humans were squirrels we would forget to store nuts for the winter.
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I read about this so sad.
I feel for the rhino's caregivers. They kept him going as long as they could. Now all they have left of his subspecies is his daughter and grand daughter. It is a heavy responsibility.
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