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Pets At Home banning rabbit sales for Easter
Pets At Home the big pet store chain has taken the responsible step of banning bunny sales around Easter. Instead they are offering free workshops on responsible pet ownership.

This is a very responsible action. Every year many rabbits are purchased who end up in animal shelters shortly after Easter. Worse in many ways are the countless rabbits that are not given up who live lives of neglect and unhappiness. A rabbit is a big commitment. It requires more care than people realize and it will live years longer than they realize.

Good going Pets At Home. You could have made money selling rabbits, but instead you chose to put the needs of the rabbits first.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am glad to see Pets at Home have decided to do that. And to run the "responsible pet ownership" workshop is a great idea. What they have done gives us some hope. It's very positive.
Let us hope the other pets stores follow their example.

Maybe this will be the year people give chocolate bunnies and then have a discussion about whether they really want a rabbit or not. If after some research and preparation they still want a rabbit, there is lots of time to get a rabbit. 
It is only the chocolate ones that are not available all year round.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

A chocolate, or cuddle-toy Bunny is a very good idea.
(I prefer a chocolate one! haha....send any unwanted chocolate bunnies to Tobi!) Smiley4

I am glad to hear Pets at Home are being sensible. There may still be a few people who get a pet Rabbit for Easter and are willing to care for that creature well and kindly for the rest of its days. But there are still people who think they are "just items" unfortunately.
Sadly most rabbits that are bought for Easter are appreciated for about as much time as the chocolate bunnies last.
Any pet is a big commitment. Rabbits are probably the most misunderstood. They are gentle sensitive creatures, but they require a lot of care and they can live many years.

A nice big chocolate bunny would be a better choice for everyone.
Now I am wondering what my chocolate supply is like. I must have some hidden in the cupboard somewhere. I will just go and check.
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