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The cat came back--14 years later!
After Hurricane Jeanne in 2004 the cat T2 went missing. He was microchipped so it was hoped he would be found
After time past the owner feared the worst. He assumed the cat had been killed.
He was wrong. He got a call telling him that T2 was waiting for him at an animal shelter.
So after 14 years, an 18 year old T2 has come home.

Fourteen years is a long time! I am impressed that Perry Martin kept the microchip information up tp date.
You really have to wonder where the cat has been all this time. He is an old cat now and it is nice that he can spend his last years at home with someone who cared for him when he was young. 

It seems there is no time limit on how long it will take a lost cat to come home.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What an amazing story. Fourteen years is a whole lifetime for a cat.
I wonder what happened? Maybe someone found the cat wandering (or maybe just going for a walk!) Or maybe he got transported to a far away place by sneaking in someone's car or van? Cats can do that. They only want a nice warm place to sleep and don't mind the consequences.

Then maybe the cat was kept in, so he couldn't find his way home? But you'd think that he must have had to go to the vet sometime...? Surely the microchip details would be seen as "wrong" for the person who took him there? Or maybe vets don't bother to scan for a microchip when a person takes an animal to the vet. They presume the animal is honestly with that person.

Whatever happened, he is back home now. I wonder what he thinks of that? It seems he will be in a different house (as the original person updated the microchip details?) A dog wouldn't mind one bit so long as he was re-united. I wonder if the cat feels the same?
But that is great news!
I think cats like to come home. Remember T2 went missing in the confusion after a hurricane. He probably found a home or maybe more than one home. It would have been hard for him to find his way home because of the hurricane damage. Also his person was staying with a friend right after the storm. 

If a cat come to someone's door after a hurricane they would just look after it. If they took the cat to the vet it wouldn't occur to them to scan for a microchip. It wasn't as common back then. Not all shelters had scanners then. The cat probably lived an ordinary life until he ended up in a shelter. It is only because of the microchip that he was returned home. It would have been hard to even recognize him after 14 years.

I know T2 is 18 years old now, but I do hope they have a few years together. It would be nice if people would come forward and say that the cat had spent some time with them. Then we would know where the cat has been all these years. 
You have to admit, cats are remarkable creatures. I have never heard of anything else coming home after that many years.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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