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Companion to blind alpaca stolen
Having a pet alpaca stolen is bad enough and the family is devastated. What makes it so much worse is that Charisma was the companion and guide to his blind brother, Bambi. Without Charisma Bambi is helpless and unable to walk around his paddock.

The thieves have done a terrible thing. They have caused distress to the stolen animal and hopefully not worse. 
They have taken away the blind alpaca's ability to function. Charisma is the centre of his life and Bambi is totally dependent on him. It is a terrible act of cruelty to leave a blind animal in such distress.

I hope they catch the thieves. Someone must know who they are. They need to do the right thing and turn them in. I just hope that it is still possible to return Charisma to Bambi. It is too heartbreaking to think of Bambi alone in his darkness wondering where his beloved brother is.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Alpacas are flock animals and cannot really function alone. They need company and reassurance. It is remotely possible that the thieves were just intent on stealing an alpaca and did not realise the situation. If they are scared of prosecution and public reaction, they could always return the animal somewhere in a place where it would spotted quickly. The publicity must have reached their attention.

Let us hope that they return the alpaca, or that someone reports them. Poor Bambi!
Why would anyone steal an alpaca. I know they are valuable, but wouldn't that make them hard to steal. If you show up with an alpaca, someone is bound to notice. It is not like stealing a chocolate bar.

I wonder if the thieves even know how to care for an alpaca.

I hope we hear news soon that the stolen alpaca has been found.

I did some checking and it doesn't look good.

This whole thing is so sad.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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