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Pets For Life, a program to keep pets with their people
People sometimes have to surrender their pets because they can't afford to provide for them. The Human Society of the United States has developed a program called Pets For Life.

They choose different places to set up the program. In Corpus Christi, Texas, the group People Assisting Animal Control have been chosen for a Pets For Life program.

This is program is a tremendous help to people who love and need their pets, but lack the resources to care for them properly. 
Instead of forcing people to give up their pets when they have a medical crisis, they are going to help them. I think this is a very progressive idea. I have never liked the idea that people have to give up their pet in order to save its life when there is an emergency. 

Lower income people need their pets too and I think the pets need to be with their people. Your pet doesn't love you because you have money. Your pet loves you because you are you. I am sure the pet feels abandoned when an owner is forced to surrender it. The pet must wonder why the person doesn't come back for them.

I hope this is an idea that can spread to other places. There is certainly a need for it.
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Good find, Catherine. This is a very good idea, which should be copied elsewhere.

(04-03-2018, 02:59 PM)Catherine Wrote: Your pet doesn't love you because you have money. Your pet loves you because you are you.

Very true. That is the difference between pet animals and some humans. Their love is not dependent on how wealthy the human is. It is absolute.
It is a heartbreaking thing to have to surrender someone you love (and who loves you!) to strangers or a Shelter, just because of hard times financially.

I am glad to see that help is available.
It has always bothered me that shelters will usually only help a pet if the owner surrenders it. That is unfair to the pet. The pet is already bonded with the person and the pet shouldn't lose their person because of financial difficulties. Pets For Life understands this and helps keep pets and people together. I really hope the idea spreads to many cities and shelters. Everyone wins when people are able to keep their pets.
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