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The Canadian Seal Hunt
It is that time of year when the ice floes along Canada's east coast runs red with the blood of baby seals. The first time I saw a movie showing the hunt was in 1965. I was horrified and I was sure as a compassionate country Canada would soon stop the hunt.
Smiley19 Sadly it has not happened. Smiley19¤cy=CAD&utm_source=googlegrant&utm_medium=cpc&

Once again we sign petitions to end the slaughter.

The hunt is defended because it is supposed to be a source of income for east coast fishermen. However the seal market is declining every year.

India joins many other countries in banning Canadian seal products.

If no one wants to buy the seal skins, why do we still kill the seals. 
Isn't is a stupid kind of stubbornness that makes us cling to the hunt because we have been doing it for a long time. 
We don't even eat the seal meat ourselves or any of the other products. They may be trying to create a Canadian market, but it isn't catching on.

For 52 years I have watched with horror as the seal hunt continues. How many more years will it be until we end the brutality and become a more compassionate country.
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