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Dog left to die....Rescued!
A seriously underweight dog was found lying under a tree in the park. He was rushed to a vet. There were indications that he had seen a vet and an ultrasound revealed a rope toy lodged in his intestines. Emergency surgery saved his life and Sly(his new name) is now improving.

I presume the weight loss was because of the rope toy blocking the intestines. The owner must have taken Sly to a vet.  There were signs that he had been given an ultra sound. I can understand if the people couldn't afford the surgery. What I can't understand is leaving to die slowly. He didn't lose half his body weight over night so he must have been suffering for some time.

Animal abuse isn't just deliberately hurting an animal. It is also failing to look after an animal.

I wonder if Sly's owner even saw what he was doing as animal abuse. Failure to provide medical care is very much a form of abuse. Leaving a dog to die is unacceptable.

I am just glad that it has worked out for Sly.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am glad that Sly was saved.
Shocking and unbelievable that someone could do this to their dog. That person cared enough to take the dog to the vet initially, and pay for an ultrasound....then suddenly they didn't care enough to even begin to imagine how he would suffer tied up like that with something lodged in his intestines! Leaving him to die in the most horrible way?
That isn't even normal lack of imagination. That is like some essential living part seriously missing in a person.

Blessings to Sly. May he go from strength to strength.
Sly was lucky he was found in time. He was close to death.

His owner took him to the vet, but then abandoned him. It makes no sense. If they really couldn't afford the surgery they could have surrendered him to the Human Society or whatever group operates in their area. It would have been kinder to have Sly euthanized rather than let him suffer. He was left to suffer. There was no way anyone could think that he would be okay on his own. 

If they were really desperate they could have left him where he would be found right away.

Instead they did the one thing that would cause him a slow painful death. You are right they are missing some essential part of what it means to be human.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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