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Coyotes have spread across North America
At a time when other predators face possible extinction, coyotes are spreading. They started out in the western regions and now exist in increasing numbers in the USA and Canada. They are even adapting to life in the cities. Some  have even hybridized with wolves.
It is interesting to read about them and understand why and how coyotes are doing so well.

We have driven away and almost eradicated other predators. Coyotes are expanding their range to fill in the gaps.
We have created the space and coyotes are adaptable enough to use it.  In some ways we are suited to each other.
We create garbage and they are able to live off our garbage.

I know many people are not happy about the increasing presence of coyotes, but we have helped them to spread. We may not be able to walk our dogs at night in coyote areas. They don't fear humans and they don't fear our dogs.
It is unusual to find a species that has done better because of human activity.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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