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Marine sanctuary for captive marine mammals
Work is in process to create a marine sanctuary for captive whales and dolphins. This is essential if we are going to end captive whale and dolphin shows. The animals that are part of these shows cannot be released to the wild because many of them were born in captivity or were captured very young. They lack the skills to survive in the wild or they are now very old after a long captivity. The marine sanctuary is not a perfect solution, but it is an improvement over the tiny tanks at marine parks and aquariums.
The project is the work of the US based Whale Sanctuary Project. 

I am excited to think that this could be in Canadian waters. It would be a chance to give back to animals that we have long exploited. I suspect that some of the Orcas in captivity will not live long enough to see the sanctuary or those who get there will not have much of their lives left. Still for all captive marine mammals this is hope for a better future. This is hope for the end of marine mammal exploitation and abuse. It is us trying to fix what we have damaged. 

I hope the next thread I start about this is an announcement that it has happened.
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