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The man who helps animals walk again.
Derrick Campana started out making prosthetics to help humans. That all changed 15 year ago when a vet brought a dog to him that needed a prosthetic limb. After that experience he knew what he should do. He started the business, Animal Ortho Care and has been helping animals ever since.
He custom makes each piece from Thermo plastics  which are light weight and moldable. He replaces limbs and creates braces to save limbs.

I think the work he does is remarkable. He brings quality of life to many animals. Creating a leg brace  for an elephant is an ambitious undertaking.  Giving a quadruple amputee dog new legs is a miracle.

Chi Chi is now a therapy dog.

Derrick is a remarkable person. He is doing so much good with his skills. I wish we had more people like him to make a difference in animals lives.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What wonderful work Derrick is doing!
I was amazed at the story of Chi Chi. I have never heard of a dog having all four legs as prostheses. That is great news, and she does look happy.

Bless those people for taking her, looking after her so carefully, and doing something about her condition. Not many people would give a dog with no legs a second chance at life. They would imagine she could never live properly or be happy, but thanks to those peoples' care, and Derrick's work, she has a big smile on her face! Happy days, Chi Chi!
Chi Chi is not only a happy dog, she works as a therapy dog and visits people who have lost limbs. It is pretty hard to say to 
Chi Chi that she doesn't understand what it is to lose a limb. 

I notice that Derrick gave her shorter legs. That would give her better balance and control. She can run on the short legs.
Derrick not only made her a set of legs, he gave her a second set in case she needs them.
He really has found a way to do something good for the world.

I am really glad the rescue people found Chi Chi in the garbage can before it was too late. It is incredible that she has a good outlook on life when you think of what was done to her.

I hope the elephant does as well with his  leg brace.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It's wonderful when animals are helped like this.
When you remember that Chi Chi was injured by humans, it is fitting that a human was able to help her.
Derrick is a good man and I am glad he decided to make animals his focus.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Poor Dog !
I think that the work this man does is fantastic Smile
Unfortunately, few people care about animals these days. Many pets in this situation would be easily abandoned by their owners ...!!
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Chi Chi was actually rescued from a garbage can at a dog meat market. She lost her legs because they had been tied so tightly before she was discarded. They had no choice but to amputate all four legs. In this case many people helped her before she came to her forever home. After Derrick gave Chi Chi her new legs she has been happy to work as a therapy dogs with people who have lost limbs. She is a happy loving dog and she inspires people to accept their  losses and do their best with what they have. 

She is so cute with her short little legs. Heart
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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