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Oil deliberately spilled to study oil spills
I couldn't believe it when I read this. A group of scientists who study the effects of oil in the lab, went to a northern Ontario lake and did a "controlled spill". The deliberately poured oil sands bitumen and crude oil into a clean ecosystem.
I am astounded. If they want to study an oil spill, check the newspaper for the latest spill and go check it out. If there isn't a recent spill wait a couple of days and there will be. We are not short of oil spills.

It is good they are studying oil spills, they just don't need to create their own spill to do it.

The environment in that area will suffer and animals will be harmed. This is the time of year when there are baby animals everywhere. They will be effected. Water will contain toxic material. Some of the food chain will be toxic.

There is just no sense to studying pollution by creating more pollution.
Isn't this like setting your house on fire to test your fire extinguishers. You think you can contain it, but there is going to be damage.
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