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Is FedEx really at fault here?
I came across this this morning. Its sad but the first sentence really got me thinking, "Why was the dog in the driveway?"

Quote:A Fed Ex driver ran over these peoples dog in their own driveway. Lets support this family by contacting Fex Ex and letting them know that this is contrary to their own mission statement:
Mission strategy and values

FedEx Corporation will produce superior financial returns for its share owners by providing high value-added logistics, transportation and related business services through focused operating companies. Customer requirements will be met in the highest quality manner appropriate to each market segment served. FedEx will strive to develop mutually rewarding relationships with its employees, partners and suppliers. Safety will be the first consideration in all operations. Corporate activities will be conducted to the highest ethical and professional standards.

Please reach out to Fex Ex executive Fred Smith by email:
Personal assistant: Carmine Echols
Via facebook:

This happened to a Friend Yesterday, Saturday Jan. 11th . FedEx has offered NO Help to this Family, even though, their ( FedEx ) Insurance should Cover Max's medical bills ! Please repost this ASAP !!
Friends, we need your help URGENTLY. The FedEx truck hit our family dog Max at the end of our driveway this morning (Saturday the 11th). He was rushed to the emergency vet where they said he had clearly not just been hit, but was run over. I called the Fedex dispatch center for the Chanhassen area, and the manager said they've never had a truck hit a dog before and that they aren't liable for covering any vet bills. She said another manager or someone from corporate might get back to us next week and she wouldn't give me anyone's number or a name to contact at corporate.

As of right now, Max has sustained a severely broken hip, multiple fractures, internal bruising and other trauma. He's currently sedated until Monday when they would be able to perform the needed surgery to save his life. They estimate it will cost $5k-$7k. My family cannot afford to cover this. We understand that accidents happen, but we find it hard to believe that Fedex hasn't had this happen before and has no policy or procedures in place to handle a situation like this. The driver was very sympathetic, things happen, but corporate needs to handle this properly and simply cover the vet costs....that's all we're asking.

The best thing we can think to do is to ask everyone to share on this on social media so that we can get the attention of someone from Fedex corporate. This is URGENT. We have until Monday (1/13/14) to decide if he is to have the surgery or not, and there is no way he can have it unless Fedex covers it.


Max is heavily sedated and just came off his pain meds for a few minutes and started howling and crying, this is heartbreaking and very difficult for our family. If you've ever known someone from our family, you've known Max. He's an amazing dog and deserves to live. Thank you everyone.

Now this is a sad and heart wrenching tale about a dog Max that got his in his drive way but like I said above, Why was the dog in the driveway? I'm not trying to be the bad guy. My dogs are in an invisible fence and are cut off from the drive way so that something exactly like this doesn't happen to them. I don't know the exact situation behind how the accident happened but I do know he was hit at the end of the driveway... so it sounds like he was off leash. I feel that the owners were being irresponsible and are at fault more so than the FedEx driver. FedEx shouldn't have to pay for the owner's carelessness. Especially if the dog was off leash or in a invisible fence with access to the driveway. Which it what it sounds like. The poor puppy was the one that had to pay the biggest price. He sadly had to be put down.
Personally I think the owners should be charged with animal cruelty or is there such a thing as animal endangerment. If the dog had been in a fence or on a leash this never would have happened.
This is complicated. I wish we had more details.

I would say for sure it was an accident. The driver did not intend to do it. I don't know why the dog was out. That is a good point.
Perhaps that was an accident as well.

I would think FedEx is insured for "property" damage. The dog would come under the heading of property. I don't know if vet bills would be covered, but there should have been some compensation.

Do we know if this is a true story? I hate doubting everything on the internet, but we have had stories before that were not true.

If Max was that badly hurt there may have been no chance of saving him anyhow.

I looked up the whole thing on Facebook. I don't know, stories about the dog are interspersed with stuff about a new couch and kitchen renovations. It feels like Max was just another detail. All I am hearing is how much they want to be paid.

When I lose a pet I am so upset that you know I am devastated by the loss. That is all I can think of. I wouldn't be posting other things.
It just seems odd. Her whole tone is strange.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Is there a link for this, Catherine?
Poor dog. And poor driver. He is probably upset about it too. Can be very hard to see animals, or small children for that matter, when reversing a lorry.
And I very much doubt the owners wanted their dog to be run over...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing ...

Does there always have to be someone to 'blame'? Sometimes things happen ...
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Libby, please give the source of your quote in the first post. I searched on Google for the first few words of the quote - and there are lots of Facebook people just repeating the same story. But where is the original complaint by the dog's caretaker, please? It is just possible that it is another Facebook fraud, but we can't be sure without hard facts from the original source. If the original source cannot be found, then the story is suspect.
I found a Facebook page that seems to be the original source. At least she claims it is her dog. All she talks about is wanting to get money from FedEx.
(the story is posted on Jan 11, 2014)
This seems to be the actual story.

All I hear her talking about is wanting to get money. I didn't find anything that really expressed the loss of a beloved pet.

I don't know what to think, but I am sure it was just an accident and accidents do happen.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I agree, Catherine. Her facebook page is mostly about kitchens, finding jobs, furniture, money, etc... The poor dog really only gets a look in as far getting money from FedEx is concerned. The page now shows that she has already had the dog put down. Not a pretty picture.

Even if she didn't have the money and didn't want to take out a loan, she could have raised an appeal on the net long ago. She didn't and now the poor dog has been euthanised.
I am sad to hear this outcome. At first, I thought she was focusing a lot on getting compensation from Fedex, because it was the only way they could pay for the dog's treatment, and she was trying to secure that....

But LPC, you are right. There are so many ways to find money if it is urgently needed to save a life! Even a high-interest loan! Or selling your vehicle. That is better than doing nothing!
I looked at the dates and the dog was supposedly run over on Jan 22, 2014. The vet in question was supposed to do surgery two days later, but then supposedly the dog was put down instead. However, the post demanding money from FedEx is dated Jan 11, 2014.

I have some doubt about the veracity of the whole thing. Is it a scam to get money from FedEx. Was there ever a dog in the first place. She does not talk about the dog on Facebook. I went back a ways and found nothing. There have been a lot of scams lately.

Other than the fact that scams are disturbing in themselves, I also worry that people are hurting their animals so they can use them for fund raising.
The FedEx dog? I never get any sense that she is grieving the loss of a pet. Look back at our Rainbow Bridge posts and think about the difference in the emotional tone. I don't feel anything from her Facebook page except for a strong desire to get some money.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Hmm, Catherine, that's interesting about the date discrepancy. Scams are terrible, but I almost hope that this case is indeed one of them, as that means that a dog has not been euthanised on financial grounds.

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