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Coyote traps removed from park
My first thought is why were there traps in a park in the first place. There was some conflict between humans and coyotes in the southern Ontario city. The city's response was to trap the animals. It was a leg hold trap so in theory the animal is not hurt. In reality it is injured because it is so distressed that it struggles. A picture of the coyote struggling ended up on line. 
This was enough to pressure the city to remove the traps.

Have no doubt about it, protests have impact. Taking pictures of situations gives the public something to focus on and react to. 
I don't know how things worked out for the male coyote that was trapped, but at least his mate and her cubs will not be at risk from traps. 
Wisely the trail is closed for now to give the coyotes time to raise their young.

The coyote problem isn't going to go away. We are going to need to find humane and safe solutions to coyote/human interactions. I certainly wouldn't walk a small dog in the area on or off leash. I wouldn't wander along trails at dawn or dusk. 
We might need to adjust our behavior to accommodate the natural habits of coyotes.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Lack of imagination! Obviously a "leg hold trap" even if it's not intended to mechanically cause damage -will cause damage when you add into the equation a terrified wild animal. I am glad the traps were removed.
Animals will even chew off their own legs in order to get out of a trap. And nursing mothers with young are in even more danger.
It was a cruel thing to set traps like that. It gave them a false sense of security. People need to learn how to deal with coyotes.

Maybe parks need to be set up so we can safely share them with wildlife. It might take some planning, but it would be better than trapping the coyotes.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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