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Yes, your dog can pick up on your feelings
Yes, your dog can pick up on your feelings
A new study finds that dogs are sensitive to emotional acoustic cues the same way people are.
What a fascinating article! I hadn't seen it before. I shall bookmark it and maybe refer to it on my website when I have more time.

I also love the photo at the beginning of the article. Good find, Tobi!
Yes, I like that photo too! It reminds me of childhood, when my brother and I made a telephone with 2 cans and a string. It worked really well!
I don't even have a dog and I know that dogs can read our emotions.
I guess that means that we can read their emotions too. Undecided

I think cats can read emotions, but dogs are different in their response. Most dogs want to get involved and help or at least share. Cats tend to be more aloof.

It is interesting that they have used brain scans to confirm the responses. Other animals may also respond, but dogs may be the only ones that will cooperate with a brain scan. I wonder what kind of response a chimp brain would have.
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