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Bison calves born in Banff National Park
The Bison herd in Banff National Park  was a reintroduction of Bison to the area after a 140 year absence. It is hoped that the Bison will help restore and stabilize the ecosystem. It is natural for them to be there. The birth of Bison calves is a real sign that the Bison are at home in their new(old) environment.

This could be a real success story. If the presence of Bison helps other animals to survive then the whole ecosystem will improve.
If they can survive as a wild herd it will be an important step in restoring the land to how it used to be.

The fact that they are successfully calving is an indication that they are happy in Park. It is a bit different from where they came from, but it is still natural to the species.

I used to hike in the back country of Alberta and I can't imagine what it would have felt like to see a herd of Bison grazing. I have seen Moose, elk, deer, wolves, beaver, black bears and grizzly bears. Seeing Bison would have been special. Heart
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