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Lincoln Brower, Champion of the Monarch Butterfly dies at 86.
I won't go into all the details of his life. That is what the article is for. Lincoln Brower spent his life studying Monarchs and understanding their amazing migration. He worked to protect their wintering grounds in Mexico and alerted us to the dangers of pesticides and lack of milkweed. His work was instrumental in saving the Monarchs.

The numbers have not returned to what they were, but they are better than the year we saw no Monarchs.®ion=Footer

I don't think he just crossed the Rainbow Bridge, I think millions of Monarchs must have carried him across.

Lincoln Brower may be gone, but his work lives on in the efforts of many to save the Monarchs. I dare say that somehow without my knowing it he is the reason that I have milkweed growing all over my garden. I even have two species of milkweed. If the monarchs come I am ready for them
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a legacy he leaves behind. Blessings to his Soul.

I had no idea, before reading the article, about the migrations of Monarch Butterflies over thousands of miles to Mexico....programmed by a "blueprint" in their DNA I presume. Because they find their way over such a distance, having never been there ever before!

Meanwhile, humans rely on Sat Nav. What wonderful creatures they are. They can thank him for all the work and research he put in to understand and protect them.

The world will miss someone like that.
He made a difference in the world and he certainly made a difference for the monarch butterflies. All the marvelous things we know about Monarchs we wouldn't know without the work of Lincoln Brower.

I could say the world is a poorer place without him, except that he did so much that the world is a better place and nothing can change that. The Rainbow Bridge is a better place.

I checked my Milkweed and many of the plants have a lot of eggs on them. I am not sure they are Monarch eggs because this is the first year I have had many plants doing well.  I am going to watch them and if they hatch there will be many more Monarch caterpillars and I have enough milkweed plants to feed them.

Like I said, Lincoln may be gone but his legacy lives on.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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