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How long does it take a chocolate dog to melt in a hot van?
How long does it take a chocolate dog to melt in a hot van? Not long. It takes even less time for a real dog to suffer heat stress and die.

If it is hot enough to melt a chocolate dog, then it is too hot for any pet. So why are dogs and children still dying in hot cars. Why are we rescuing so many just in time.
What don't people understand! No Dogs IN Hot Cars!!!
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

A good example of how hot it can get inside a parked car!

I am shocked to hear there are still incidents of dogs being shut in hot cars. Maybe a good teaching method would be to get the human "owner" to stay inside the car with windows cracked, for 20 minutes or so? They would be out in five minutes, and may learn something.
Every year there are dogs and children left in cars. Some malls and big stores have volunteers or staff that check the cars in the parking lot for dogs. It is understood that the police will come right away, but if the animal is in distress it is okay to break a car window and free it.

There are ads in the news and on various radio stations. The message is out there and people still don't get it.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I also try to make the time to walk around the parking area on a hot or warm day to see if there are any dogs inside cars who need help.
Once a few years ago I found one. I didn't know then, that you could call the police. I got the car registration and asked the customer service desk to call that car owner to the front of store. I told them why and they did it quickly.

When the woman arrived and I and the store manager told her she was very annoyed. "I've only been in here five minutes!!" She said.

Anyway she went out to her dog. I told her she could order groceries online. All our major supermarkets do that and delivery doesn't cost much more than petrol to get to the town. I told her she didn't even need to go to the supermarket in hot weather. She hated my guts.
I had to stick up for the dog.
I wouldn't have thought of having the car owner paged. That worked very quickly.

She might have been annoyed, but we all know how quickly a car can become hot enough to kill a dog. 

You saved that dog's life.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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