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Judge blocks hunting of Yellowstone Grizzly Bears
Hunting of Yellowstone Parks grizzly bears was supposed to start this weekend. The Grizzly Bears have been protected for more than 40 years. This year hunting licences have been issued and bears were going to die.
At the last minute a federal judge has blocked  the hunt.

It has taken years to build an ecological balance in Yellowstone National Park. Opening the area to hunting  will undo decades of work. It is setting things back by decades. The hunt was protested and it is fortunate that a judge has responded. 

It is a temporary injunction, but a lot can happen in 14 days. The hunt should not be happening. Yellowstone is a place that was set aside for nature to survive and thrive. It goes against the whole idea of Yellowstone to allow hunting in the park.

It would certainly make it unsafe for human tourists as well as the resident wildlife.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am glad to hear a judge has blocked the bear hunt. I always thought the whole point of Yellowstone was to let Nature find the balance. It's crazy to protect the bears for 40 years then suddenly allow hunting. I hope the ban sticks for much longer than 14 days!!
(09-04-2018, 02:52 PM)Catherine Wrote: It would certainly make it unsafe for human tourists as well as the resident wildlife.

Good news about the injunction and I hope that it holds. You are right about the danger to human tourists, as well. In France, there are on average 20 deaths and 300 injuries (many serious) each year - either to fellow hunters or to innocent people who just happen to be in the way of stray bullets.
I checked and the hunt has been blocked for at least another two weeks. The judge is even weighing the idea of restoring federal protection to the bears.

I am glad there are enlightened judges in this world. The grizzly bears have finally gained enough numbers to be more secure as a species in the area. The area itself is showing some ecological stability. It doesn't make sense to do something to upset the balance again. Hunting will kill more than the normal number of bears that would be lost in a season and hunting will kill the best of the species. Hunters don't work like nature that lets the weaker animals die out. Hunting targets the best and the strongest. It is unnatural.

You are right about people being hurt or killed by hunters. Too often hunters shoot at anything that moves. They don't confirm their targets and people and other animals are injured. If hunting is allowed Yellowstone Park will have to be closed to tourists. That will not be popular. If it isn't closed some person is going to be shot by a hunter. It is inevitable.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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