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Japanese whaling proposal defeated
Japan put forward a proposal to start commercial whaling again. The International Whaling Commission defeated the proposal.
Japan has continued to kill over 300 whales a year for reasons of "scientific Research". The scientific research is a cover for commercial whaling since the whale meat is sold commercially.

Clearly there is a real difference of understanding. The International Whaling Commission has moved towards conservation and respecting the whales. Whale watching  and conservation methods are goal now.

Japan still sees the whales as a food source and wants to continue the hunt. The hunting methods are no better than they were centuries ago and increasingly the idea of hunting whales is unacceptable. There may be a strong difference of opinion on the subject, but premising will not be granted to kill more whales.

If Japan pulls out of the International Whaling Commission it will complicate things, but I doubt the world will stand by and let whales be slaughtered.

Just a thought, perhaps a name change is in order. Calling itself the International Whaling Commission is outdated. Maybe the International Whale Commission would work as a name.
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