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The world's largest organism may be dying
I used the word organism because Pando is actually a tree. It is more than a tree. It is 100 acre area of continuous  Aspen growth that is actually one organism all connected by one root system. There are multiple trunks and shoots growing. As a trunk dies a new shoot is produced.
Human interference in the area seems to have reduced the Pando's ability to produce shoots. If it loses this capacity it will die out.

Pando is not just the largest organism, it is also the oldest. It is estimated to be 80,000 years old or even much older.
This time we can't fail to protect a species. Pando has lived for over 80,000 years and covers many acres. We need to do everything possible to keep Pando alive.

I have vaguely heard of the Pando. I had no idea it was in trouble. I certainly had no idea how much is being done to keep it alive.  I really hope that we can keep this beautiful giant  form of life alive. Its loss would be unbearable. I wishthem every success in their efforts to save the Pando.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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