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The Half Earth Project
I have only just discovered information about the Half Earth Project.
If I am understanding it correctly, in order to protect biodiversity, they propose that we should commit to protecting at least half the earth. In other words, biodiversity is critical to having a healthy planet. By preserving some parts of the earth we can maintain biodiversity. If choices have to be made, then we choose the areas of greater biodiversity.

It is an interesting way of approaching conservation. It focuses less on saving an individual species and more on saving habitats. 
Saving habitats will ensure species survival. 

I found a connected article that looks at bees in the light of the Half Earth Project. This is a lot of information to absorb, so I will need to read it again. For now I am posting it and we can discuss and look into it more in the future.


I know it is disturbing when they point out how much we are dependent on bees. We carelessly spray things that kill bees with little regard for the consequences for the planet.

Maybe the key point of this is to start looking at the planet as a whole. Our conservation efforts are now a global issue. We have to think in terms of how things impact the whole planet. It is an ambitious idea and it might be what we need.
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