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Koori and Ratatosk the Squirrel
Ratatosk is a Squirrel. He is not scared of me, and keeps watch every morning now for the time I give Koori his treat.

Koori isn't scared of him and vice-versa, and oddly they never argue. Ratatosk hides behind a little shrub  and keeps a beady eye while Koori eats.
He has learned that Koori also walks away and buries bits of his sandwich in various places in the garden.

So Koori (who is a messy eater) now has lots of bits of wet sandwich to cram into his beak and try to fly away with, while mindful of the fact that he knows Ratatosk is just waiting to dash out and grab whatever he can!

It is hilarious to watch.

I don't interfere. But this morning I did stand guard over one soggy lump of salmon paste sandwich. Ratatosk got the bits that fell from the tree. But he didn't get the piece I stood guard over.
Koori returned for it in minutes.

I gave Ratatosk some almonds but he is greedy and cheeky.

(I named him Ratatosk after the Squirrel in Norse mythology who continually nibbles at the Tree of Life. I called him that for a joke at first but the name stuck.)
The story of Koori just gets more and more interesting. Ratatosk is a clever squirrel who has figured out that Koori has a good thing going with you. He just wants his share and Koori's too. I am sure Ratatosk prefers the almonds, but he probably would take Koori's sandwich in he got the chance. You are right, he is a cheeky squirrel. I wonder what Koori thinks of him.
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