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Returning the Buffalo to the prairies
By Buffalo I am referring to the North American Bison. However I am a prairie girl and they will always be Buffalo to me. 
There were  millions of free roaming Buffalo when the Europeans arrived. The species was almost driven to extinction.
Fortunately there were some Buffalo left in Yellowstone National Park.  It has been the work of many years, but Buffalo are being returned to a number of areas. It is a beautiful story. It balances the horrible story of the Buffalo being wiped out in the first place.

The Buffalo story is linked to the story of the peoples who were in North America for thousands of years. So it is a story of ecological restoration and one of cultural and spiritual restoration. The prairies will live again as the Buffalo are returned to the land. Life will flourish as it was meant to. The herds are now back where they were meant to be so they will grow and flourish.
There has been a lot of ecological destruction on the planet. Seeing ecological restoration is a cause for hope and rejoicing.
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