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Deer poacher ordered to watch Bambi as part of his sentence
A man, his father and brothers have been involved in deer poaching. They were killing them for trophies  just taking the head and leaving the body behind. They used lights at night to cause the deer to stop and so be easier to kill.

These men were hardened poachers and have been fined, an had licences revoked and even have jail time. In the case of David Berry Jr he has also been ordered to watch the Disney movie Bambi once a month for the year he is in jail.

I don't know if even Bambi can reach a hardened poacher like Berry Jr. It sounds like poaching is part of his whole family and their way of life. Changing people like that is very hard. They clearly have no empathy for animals. 
Maybe they need to make the whole family watch Bambi. 
I hope they let us know if the sentence works. Something needs to be done to teach empathy to poachers and other hunters.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I can't be negative about this. Magic can and does happen. One never knows what can touch the heart and bring a tear to the eye of even the most hardened person, from moment to moment.

Poachers do it for money or food, or economic reasons. They don't see the deer as living beings which they have a connection with, so much as commodities in one way or another.
Whether "Bambi" will get through to them or not, we don't know. It would be great if it did.....
This guy wasn't doing it for money or food. He left the bodies behind. He just wanted trophies.
That is harder to  change. If it was money you could find him another job. You could find him other food. He just wanted proof that he had killed animals.

Still Bambi is a strong message about animals and their feelings. It might touch some empathy buried deep inside him.
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