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Puppy scam costs people money
Puppies are offered for free with some explanation as to why the puppy needs a home. People are instructed to transfer 300-400 dollars for transportation costs. Once the money is sent the person never hears from the puppy person again.

This is a pretty basic scam. There are likely no puppies at all. Last month we had someone register on the forum who claimed to have puppies to give away. We were right to delete the thread and the member. Sadly a lot of people sent money off thinking they were going to get a puppy.

I guess the rule is always true. If it is too good to be true(a free purebred puppy), then it IS too good to be true(there is no puppy).

If you want a puppy check with a local shelter. If you want a certain breed check with registered breeders and be sure to meet the parents of the puppy.

It is sad that people can make money using the picture of a puppy. It is still somehow exploiting animals.
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