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Dozens of sea turtles wash up on Israel" shores
Injured sea turtles are found every year. Israel's Sea Turtle Rescue Center usually finds 250 per year.
This time they found 46 in three days. They were  damaged and only 15 could be saved.

Since there were so many in such short time, there had to be a cause. An Italian marine seismic survey, searching for oil and gas set off 20 explosions every 9 minutes over a 24 hour period.

Loggerhead and Green Sea Turtles lay their eggs on Israeli beaches in the Mediterranean Sea. 
This oil and gas exploration threatens their numbers. The turtles are threatened enough without this new assault on their survival.

If that many turtles were injured there will be other species that suffered because of the blasting. We may never know about it, but animals close to a blast area will not have survived.

Once again human activity is destroying the lives and habitats of marine animals.
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