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Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if anyone remembers (it has been quite awhile since I last posted), but I just wanted to give an update on my chocolate Labrador, Chance. It's been about 2 years since I first posted about Chance, and how he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. 

Chance had a bad seizure last night. When I woke up this morning, Chance was unable to drink or eat anything. I scheduled an emergency appointment to meet with his Neurologist. The vet believes that the nerves that Chance would use to move his tongue have either been damaged, or no longer work correctly due to his brain tumor. Seeing that Chance is unable to really eat or drink, the vet thinks that we may only have days left with him. Although I have known for about 2 years that this moment could come at any time, it is still something I am not entirely prepared for. I feel really blessed that Chance has lived this long after his diagnosis (even the vet said he was surprised), but I am still very upset. When my first lab passed away from breast cancer, you could just look at her and tell that she was in a lot of pain and it was her time to go. She has no interest in eating, and could barely get up. This made the decision to have her get put down a little bit easier. Chance still wants to eat. He still gets up and goes up the stairs and such on his own terms. He still recognizes us. Obviously I am most concerned with his quality of life, and if he can't eat or drink than thats not much of a life. I don't want him to suffer or hurt, but I am just devastated about this. ):
Hi lindseybee. Yes I do remember Chance and how sick he was. I do remember how he improved. I am so sorry that things are going badly again. It is beautiful that you have had two more years with Chance, but that doesn't make it any easier. 
No one is ever ready to say goodbye to a beloved pet.  This time you might have a few more days with Chance, but if he can't eat or drink he will grow weak and his body will start to shutdown.

I know if there is anything the vet can do you will see that it is done. If not, just cherish your last moments with Chance and know that you have done all that can be done. You have given Chance a good life and he knows you love him. When he crosses the Rainbow Bridge part of him will stay in your heart and part of you will go with him. The bond is never fully broken because you are so close to each other. All the love that you have poured into each other will live on in you and you will always feel close to Chance in your heart. All of us carry special pets in our hearts and we know what you are going through. Special hugs to you and Chance. You are very much in my thoughts right now. Somehow you will get through this  and you will be there for Chance. 
Anytime you want to talk we all check into the forum regularly and we are listening to you. Take care of yourself and thank-you for letting us know how things are.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Lindsey, of course we remember you! I am truly sorry to read your news. Is Chance still able to swallow (i.e. use the back of his throat), as distinct from drinking with his tongue normally, which he cannot now do? If so, you might be able to buy some time by getting a syringe with a special ovaloid head to feed him some liquid egg or milk (plus water separately). See this picture:

[Image: JOR111Q.jpg]
This should be in stock in any vet surgery where they treat sheep or cows (i.e. probably our of town). You will need both the syringe and the drencher head. It is worth a try. Please let me know how you get on.

However, it looks like Chance's time on earth is coming to an end. I feel for you at this very difficult time. But that does not mean that you are losing him. He will continue to exist, only he will pass over into a new dimension. His love for you, and your love for him, will be unchanged after his transition.

Feel free to contact me via PM on this forum, or via my website (link in signature below), if you feel in need of support. Tobi, who will no doubt reply soon when she comes on the forum, may well offer you her support as well. Plus Catherine is always here to accompany you, as well.

Keep in touch.
I remember dear Chance very well, and it is wonderful that with your loving help, he had those extra years. He is s lovely dog. I remember your post from a couple of years ago, very well.

I would say if Chance still has some happiness in life, and is still showing interest in things, then he may have a little more time.
The "drench" syringe that LPC illustrated above sounds like a very good idea to try, so long as he is able to swallow.  Try a tiny amount of liquid at a time, see for sure first that he can swallow it before giving him any more.

Yes he may be getting ready to leave. It's true that they never leave our hearts, and they continue to love us. It is only their bodies which die. Their Souls and their love, never do.
My own dog showed me that.

We are here for you, and certainly understand. We all send you our heartfelt thoughts, and to dear Chance,
Blessings to his Soul.
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your kind words. On Thursday night, we had to make the difficult decision to have Chance put down. I feel like everyday I miss him more and more. He brought so much joy into my life, and it feels like a part of me is missing. I know he is pain free now, and that brings me some solace. Thank you all for being so supportive and kind throughout the past 2 years.
Lindseybee, I am so sorry for your loss. You had two more beautiful years with Chance and did right by him in the end, but there is still a terrible emptiness when you loss a beloved pet. Right now all you are going to feel is loss and it is hard. We all feel for you. We know what you are going through. It hurts to think about Chance and it hurts to not think about him. Everywhere you look you will see his absence. You were that close. Remember he is still with you in your heart.  All the love you gave him and he gave you leaves you connected even when his physical body is gone. The spirit lives on and you will feel him near sometimes, because he is near. In time your memories will be a great comfort. For now we are hear for you. Any time you want to talk we are listening and we do understand.

You can be at peace that you gave everything possible to Chance and he had the best life a dog could have with you.
Now he rests and is pain free because you gave him a peaceful end to his life. 
A big hug to you from me and my babies. Rest in Peace Dear Chance. You are always in the hearts of those who love you.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I am so sorry lindseybee.

Dear Chance. Blessings to his Soul Heart  You are right. He has no more physical suffering or pain, and his Soul is free now. My Misty showed me how well they are where they have gone.

His love will not and cannot ever forget you. Please remember that when you feel great sadness and sorrow. His love still lives, as does yours for him, and he knows that.

His life here was good with you, and you gave him so much love and kindness.

If you find it tough-going without him, we are always here for you and you can talk to us.

Bless you on your Spirit journey, dear Chance.

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