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Disney film trailer glorifies circus animals
Disney has put out a new version of the movie Dumbo. Instead of animation they have computer generated images.
At a time when circuses are shutting down their animal shows, especially their elephant shows, Disney is glorifying a past that was full of animal abuse.

I find myself  wondering why. Why would Disney make such a movie. Are they so out of touch with the current trends in public opinion away from animal shows. People are no longer comfortable being entertained by abused animals and people do understand now how circus animals were treated. Why would you make a movie about it, one that portrays the animal shows as a good thing?

Definitely this is a movie to be boycotted. It hasn't been released yet. Enough public negative response might stop its release.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I could understand it if it were a film that glorified animals' freedom from this kind of entertainment...such as showed them as they used to be, then the storyline included their rehabilitation.

But no. This is backward-looking and I hope the movie is shunned and receives the critical publicity it should; or as you say, its release is prevented.
Times have moved on. Disney seems to have run our of ideas, so has decided to do a high-tech remake of an old film. I'm not sure that the modern world will greet "Dumbo" in the same way that the 1940s and 1950s did.

I remember watching it as a small child. I found it all a bit frightening, mostly. But I did like the song of the crows, however.
I don't even remember the original movie. I must have seen it, but maybe I was very young.

The whole idea of the movie is sad. The animals are mistreated all for the sake of entertainment. I don't see modern audiences being happy with it at all. If they rewrote the movie for modern times and showed the animals going to sanctuaries, it could be a good movie. Still the idea of a flying elephant is a bit odd. Children know too much to fall for a movie like that.

If you watch old shows of any kind you can tell how much the world has changed. Movies with animals have changed even more so. I don't see audiences flocking to this movie. I don't see children liking this movie. Seeing a mother and child separated and the mother caged is a little too much like what we see in the news these days. I think it would be very disturbing for many children.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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