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A House Full
I think the last time I posted on here was back in August after we found the 2 rescues that showed up on the 12th.

Well if you guys could have guessed we ended up keeping them.  After a month of no owners, another month of not finding them a new home, we couldn't stand to let them go.  We changed their names from Lady and Tramp to Regina and Graham.  They have been to the vet.  We got Regina's chip registered and Graham got chipped and registered.  

Graham has become our lanky clown boy.  We joke that he's an alien that got turned into a dog and is now trying to learn how to be a dog from Bullet.  He's a big goof and regularly falls.  It's as if his legs are longer than he thinks they are.  Regina has really come alive too.  You can really tell she's not used to getting this amount of attention.  She smiles when we love on her and contently threatens to claw you to death if you stop.  Rule #1 when you come in is don't start petting Regina otherwise she wont let you stop.  She's like one of those Twilight Zone stories.  We still love her even when she gets a little too demanding.  She is named after the evil queen from Once Upon A Time so she was named properly.

Graham being a goof.

This is a good one showing Regina is very content.

They are both pro-athletes at cuddling.

Bullet piles right into.

We still make time for our first furry baby Fennec.

And of course our Silver Bullet has proven himself to be something special.

I love these four so much!

I'm so lucky to have all 4 of them.  Even when they drive me crazy and make messes all over the house.  They still find a way to bring a smile to my face.
There was a bit of a glitch in how you posted the pictures so I opened up the post and put corrected links below what you posted.

The dogs are beautiful and such a happy group. I thought you would end up keeping Regina and Graham. Somehow they were meant to be with you.  You are a dog magnet the way I am a guinea pig magnet.
I am glad they are all getting along.  You have your own little pack now. It must be fun when you go outside to play. 
They look like they have lots of energy. 
How is Fennec handling so many other dogs. 
They are all so different from each other. It is funny how they have all come together as a group under your roof.
Keep us posted. I love seeing how they are doing.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

I noticed the links weren't clickable but wasn't sure why but they were still followable. I've just never been able to download pictures through the forum because my pictures are too big.

Fennec sometimes has a hard time and needs alone time. Him and Bullet get along a lot better than they used to and he's even starting to get along with Graham. Regina doesn't play in the traditional way but she's older and isn't as limber as the boys who are 3 and 2 at best. It's fun having them all at the same time but can be stressful too. With the boys being so close in age we have to just throw them in the back yard to run or they have this big Jolly ball that Graham and Fennec love to chase after. Trick is Graham will actually bring the ball. Fennec however likes to play I-have-the-ball-you-can't-have-it. Thankfully we have multiples.

Three years of Jolly balls. We've gotten one every year the blue one is from this year.

This is back when we were watching my friends dog Ruby.
You have a good yard for your dogs to play in. It is big enough and it has trees and things to make it interesting.
The dogs look so happy running around. Even if Fennec needs some alone time, I think he likes being part of a pack.
They all look so healthy and energetic.

I can tell which jolly ball is the oldest by its condition. They really chew them up. It must be a fun toy for a dog. They can roll it and lift it. And it looks very chewable.

Was that video really taken at Christmas time? I bet it was warm as well as being green.

I am really glad you kept the dogs. They are all having a great life with you.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

December 29th to be exact. It hasn’t been very cold at all this winter. We randomly get a week of 60-70 degree spring type weather. I’m in middle Tennessee so that means a very wet winter and if you can’t tell there’s a mud ring around the fence thank to Fennec. He runs circles around the yard when he gets excited which is all the time. I love having a big yard I just wish it were flat. Next house we are getting a bigger yard and flat. Might even set up two fenced areas so I can alternate them like farmers do with cows  79

We really have it lucky where we are now. This house just needs more updates than we are capable of doing.
The two yards might be a good idea. It would give the mud patches a chance to dry up if you could alternate the dogs from one run to another. I looked at the mud track. The dogs must get muddy on a wet day.

That is some pretty nice warm weather. It will be months before I see warm weather like that.
No wonder the dogs are happy. They get to be outside all year round.

Why a flat yard. Isn't an uneven yard better for the dogs to run on?
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

This yard in near impossible to mow. It's down right scary on the riding mower and the push mower we get what we can. Fennec regularly come back brown or sometimes black and we have to either hose him off or bring warm water outside and sponge bathe him. Which he hates.
Muddy Butt
Now that I have seen a picture of muddy Fennec, I see what you mean. I never thought about mowing the grass. My garden is much smaller and I don't have any grass. The path between the shrubs, trees and flowers is covered in red cedar chips.
That wouldn't work for you. Fennec would turn red and cedar doesn't wash off.

You do need a good flat yard so the dogs can play and you can keep it clean for them. I hope your next house has a drier yard. I am sure Fennec would appreciate not needing a bath so often.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

It doesn't help that Fennec trips a lot!  If you have seen the meme about moon moon then you have a pretty good idea of what antics he does.  Also I forgot to mention that there used to be a creek in the back yard before they built all the houses.  Which just means that when it rains we get the creek back for a few days.  We've already had 3 flood warnings over the past 3 days.  There's actual flood damage around town as of yesterday.  

You can kinda see the water down the hill in some of the shots.  We were playing tonight because it finally dried some.
Your dogs have so much fun. I bet they could play for hours. 

Creeks always come back. They can put houses on them, but they will return. Toronto has a lot of problems with flooding and the "hidden" rivers. I live on Garrison Creek, literally on the landfill that buried Garrison creek. I am just on the high area. Some houses were built with the creek running right under them and it has not worked well. The houses are all leaning and sinking and many have had to be torn down.
Your creek is at the end of your yard. That is close enough if there is flooding. I hope it isn't bad enough to actually flood your yard. That would be a real mess for the dogs. You would end up bathing all of them.

You can look for the right yard when you move next time. It will make life easier for all of you.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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