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EU bans Canadian seal products
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First as a Canadian I want to thank the European Union for their decision. And I wan to thank the World Trade Organization for upholding it.

The seal hunt has been a blight on Canada's record for a long time. There have been victories. I has been years since they could kill the fluffy white newborns. They wait 26 days. The hunt can't be regulated well enough to ensure humane treatment of the animals. There is cruelty built into the situation.
I know there is a whole economy built around the hunt, but maybe the time has come to seek other ways to make a living.
Like so many things that we do that are not right, we need to change. I think the only way to stop the hunt is a boycott of the products. Why bother if you can't make money. Sad, but true many good changes only happened when the bad thing became unprofitable.
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