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Family dog siezed and sold to pay back taxes
A town in Germany has done the unthinkable. They seized a family's pet pug and sold it on eBay to cover back taxes.
Sadly it seems that this is legal. They are allowed to take a family pet and sell it if the family owes money.

This seems harsh and cruel to the family and the dog. It also means that animals in that town have the same legal status as toasters. They have no protection under the law. 

This must be very hard on the family. It is even worse for the dog. She doesn't know why she was taken from her family. She just knows that the life she had is suddenly taken from her.

The person who has the dog now is not even happy with her. She has had some health issues and the new owner wants her money back. That poor little dog is clearly not being given the love she deserves.

This kind of action needs to be made illegal.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

That's awful! I can't believe that is legal! I know dogs and pets in general are seen as property but you are telling me they had nothing else that could have been sold instead? And the woman who bought the dog is apparently clueless that pugs tend to have a lot of heath problems.
There is another post about this in the miscellaneous section. It is worse that we think. The father of the family was paralyzed in an accident and they were having trouble paying their bills. The whole family was having a hard time and then the city took their dog and sold it. Talk about kicking people when they are down. They should have been trying to help the family. It is not their fault that they are in trouble.

The person who bought the dog is not happy with her. The city should pay the bills and return the dog to her own family.
That would be the decent thing to do.
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You know what?
How could it hurt that woman to just let go of all that money -poof! into the dratted sky!
And give the little dog back to her grieving family. In fact, it would be the ultimate kindness, if that woman has the take the dog to the vet first and get her fixed up with treatment.
What filled her heart after that would be priceless.
I agree with you.  She got someone's family pet at a bargain price. It would be a real act of kindness to return her to the family.
The fact that she is going after the city for the money she spent leads me to believe she will not do the right thing. It would be a real turning point in her life if she did.
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