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The Dog in the Pearl Necklace
We have a very classy dog in my neighbourhood. Her name is Sierra and she in known for her pearl necklace. She walks with her person many times a day so we all see her. She is a dignified gracefully older lady. Who also knows how to get snacks from people. She drops by the reptile centre twice a day for a little snack.

[Image: izXohziiqV5RUpLnEe8dmCdEiZeVgFROpI4qxYTx...=w177-h275]And here she is.

[Image: E5aq-6N3Wpx_ICgSjtFxG-chyL2xSydj7lGL7p2x...=w197-h275]We love the pearls. They suit her perfectly.

[Image: uVBcd0bZoWrOgqKhXi2wDcwrXejsSysCjzf-2VV5...=w228-h275]Any treats?

[Image: SiBhJ-uZUx5LyxZlidg08E0LbS0ma6G507Ra9q94...=w155-h275]Treats?

[Image: 60eEpdMsjIeZGK68MLnjjlAnIoFkkP7u3Y-xaPyI...=w155-h275]Treats!

[Image: m1NuCdApU3HLsK4Z4DwJlYZ5pUSCVPHZJFAHhkr2...=w155-h275]Yes these are so good.

[Image: rWdqVw3ps4Jk0-QaEaZiH9-f-3WGpes6YiRotavw...=w155-h275]Munch, crunch, nibble.

[Image: Z8a_vG3-inHoxwZdGufTNAwP2l0tjVeTAZhQcAIz...=w214-h275]Thank-you. I will see you again tomorrow.

That is our Sierra. Even in the worst blizzard or the coldest day Sierra dropped by for a visit. She is such a character, but she does have a real dignity about her. Everyone knows and loves her. Even people who have only seen her, but haven't met her are impressed by her. She just celebrated her 14th birthday, so Happy Birthday Sierra.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Oh what a beautiful dog! Sierra made me laugh and smile. I love that dog!
How nice that she wears a pearl necklace. Misty had an army-camouflage soft collar but occasionally wore a turquoise necklace, which was mine, but looked nicer on her.

That is really super. Does she have dog tags on her necklace or it is just "haute couture" ?

I am not surprised she gets treats, looking as gorgeous as she does Smiley4

She looks dignified and graceful. And wishing you a happy 14th birthday Sierra!
A lady always wears pearls what a gorgeous girl anyone would love to get a visit from her.
There are no dog tags on Sierra. Everyone knows who she is. Her necklace is strictly a fashion statement. She wears her pearls with dignity.

I am sure Misty looked like a proper Lady when she wore your Turquoise necklace. Not every dog can wear jewellery, just classy dogs like Misty and Sierra. I think of Misty when I see her. She was at the reptile centre twice today even though it is raining heavily. I little rain would never stop Sierra.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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