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Australian Pygmy Possum.
Australia is home to a myriad of weird and wonderful creatures. Peter Hastwell found this little Pygmy Possum in his Bird box ... The smallest Pygmy Possum is the is Tasmanian Pygmy Possum, who weighs on average 8grams. The largest, the Mountain Pygmy Possum tips the scales at a dainty 45grams.

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It is so cute. Heart And so tiny. Australia has the most amazing creatures on the planet. I like the big possums, but the pygmy ones are so amazing. I would love the find a little creature like that anywhere.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

What a lovely little creature, Catslave! I didn't know very much about these tiny Possums. They are so very tiny, and a bird box would be a great den for them.

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