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7 Top Dog Clothing for Large Dogs
Dog lover T shirts are another popular clothing type that large dogs can enjoy around themselves—a street style shirt with a soft cotton hoodie is the best. The shirt should be light, warm and easily washable for easy care and handling for the dog. However, be sure to measure the chest girth and length before ordering your favorite brand.
Hello and welcome to the forum. Tell us more about yourself. I am guessing you are a dog lover.
Do you have a large dog. 
A large hoodie would be good clothing for a large dog. Something like that could be purchased second hand at a local thrift shop. I am sure the dog wouldn't mind.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Welcome, the glitterhound Smile

There's a post on here somewhere about stripy coats and blankets for horses repelling biting insects!
I was wondering if similar designs for dogs might have the same effect! And whether they would repel other insects, such as Ticks...(?) (that of course, might not work, but would be worth an experiment)
Yet I never seem to see stripy dog coats.
Good point. I wonder if certain colours repel insects. A fitted coat might at least keep the ticks for attaching to the dog. I am sure their are fabrics ticks can't stick to. 

I wonder if sports jerseys would do. They tend to be smooth nylon. If nothing else the dog could look very stylish.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]


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