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Name suggestions
Hello everyone!! I am looking for wide selection of name suggestions for my new baby rat .She is only about 4 weeks old. I bought her as a feeder rat at a local pet store, not intending to feed her to anything of course- I knew I could get a younger rat this way. So she is small and timid still, but is starting to let me handle her. ??? Her personality is slowly coming out and it's gonna be time to name her soon..... Any ideas would be great!!! I'm not a huge fan of using full on human names, but if there's a reason/meaning that's cool- that's what I'm going for!! Lol ? So please suggest away!!!!??

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Hello Drakaina, and a very warm welcome to the forum  Smile

What a lovely little creature she is.
You might not like my name ideas. You said you didn't really want a "full-on" girl's name, so these ideas might not work I quite like old fashioned girls' names....
(You might not want to speak to me again now Smiley4  if you hate those names.)
Thank you much for those!! I appreciate any suggestions even if I don't use them for this pet- there's always more coming!! Lol ???
Welcome to the forum. She is a pretty little rat and she does look a little shy. How about Violet or Bella. You could call her Cloud or Echo. No particular reason, I just like the sound of the names.

If I think of anything else I will post again. It always takes me forever to name new pets. Names tend to stick once you use them so I like to be sure I have made the right choice.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Thank you so very much for the suggestions Catherine. I actually really like the name Echo Smile that one is definitely getting added to my list. The more suggestions to go in the list the better. Then when her personality shows one of them has to fit. LOL ?
I like Echo and I think I will use it for one of my baby snakes if it looks like the parents.

She is black and white so you could call her Oreo or Precious or maybe Shadow. Dreamer is a pretty name or Dusty.
I love using the name Rose and Rosie. Rosabel or Rosette would be different. Having said that I will probably use those names soon. I have baby snakes to name from last year. You could call her Baby or Buttercup. 
Naming is tricky. It is hard to find just the right name.  Let us know what you choose. If I think of more I will post them.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

well I now have a short list for the names. She is still being very shy, and will not let me fully hold her yet. But she does step onto my hand to get a treat, so we're making progress. She is so young, I new it would take time! But for now, the short list is:
Mora- "little sweet berry"
Luvena- "little beloved one"
Nollie- a Disney Animal talent fairy
Scraps- a nickname for The patchwork Girl in the OZ books
Little Bittles- a nickname I use for any small creature, I've always wanted to use it as an actual name someday. LOL

So there you have it. As soon as her shyness goes away a bit more and she lets me hold her and play with her, I'm sure the name will pick itself. What do you think of my short list????!?!?!? Big Grin <3
Those are good names for a hamster. I like Little Bittles best. It is cute and funny and different all at the same time.

When I had dwarf hamsters I called my males things like Cocoa Bear, Ginger Bear, Cinnamon Bear, Snow Bear, Mocha Bear and Peter(It suited him). The females were called names like Blue Berry, Snow Berry, Rose Berry and Victoria(It suited her)
I also had Spirit Bear, Sweet William and the Piranha sisters(sadly the name suited them and I could never tell the 4 of them apart)

Naming is fun and challenging. You will know when you have the right name.
[Image: IMG_9091.JPG]

Omg, those are super cute names!!! I absolutely love the bears and berry names! That's really cute!!
Hopefully I'll have a name soon enough. LOL She is stubborn, like me LOL takes more time... Big Grin
The Bear and Berry names were my favourite. Snow Bear looked like a little polar bear. Dwarf hamsters are different. Their lives were so short I needed to name them quickly.

Your little hamster is a Syrian Hamster so you have lots more time. You will find the right name and it will be a perfect fit.

My last hamster was called Niska. She was cute and funny and it suited her.

My guinea pigs had a different set of names. It all started with a handicapped rescue baby I called Pigbert. Later I rescued a fluffy white guinea pig baby and he became Lambert. Lambert had a son called Rosebert(I thought he was a girl). Surprise, Pigbert had a son that was mini Pigbert until Pigbert died and then he settled into being called Norbert. Norbert and Rosebert were half brothers and they lived together and both lived 7 years. For a guinea pig that is a lot.

I like doing theme names like that. The origin of the idea was the Dilbert cartoons. He had a Dogbert and a Catbert. I haven't done a Snakebert yet, but I bet I do it soon. I just haven't seen the right snake for the name.
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